How do you pronounce "Tapatio"?
Tapatio is pronounced "Tah-pah-tee-o"

What does Tapatio mean?
Tapatio signifies a person originating from Guadalajara, a city in the heart of Mexico.

What's the shelf life?
Although Tapatio does not have a definite expiration date, we recommend consuming it within 2 years of the purchase date for optimum flavor.

Does Tapatio need to be refrigerated?
No, but nothing will happen to it if you choose to do so.

If I cannot find Tapatio in my area can I purchase it directly from the company?
Yes, Tapatio Hot Sauce can be purchased directly from the company. To place an order, please visit our easy to use online store. Orders will ship via UPS. We accept Visa and Master Card for your convenience.

Can I purchase a single bottle of Tapatio from your online store?

At this time we only sell Tapatio Hot Sauce by the case from our online store. Gift sets are available with 2 or 4 bottles in our Gift Ideas section.

Is Tapatio Gluten free?
Yes, Tapatio is gluten free.

Is Tapatio sugar free?
Yes, Tapatio is sugar free.

Is Tapatio MSG free?
Yes, Tapatio is MSG free